24-Hour Emergency Garage Door Repair Services

Garage doors should be periodically checked to pinpoint and resolve any developing problems that could turn into garage door repair emergencies. Garage doors are the largest moving part of most homes, and you don’t want them to be in state of disrepair. If you do experience a garage door emergency, contact the professionals. We offer 24-hour service for both commercial and residential garage doors.

We understand the havoc a broken garage door can cause. Whether you have an important meeting, doctor’s appointment, or need to pick up the kids, you can’t do so with a vehicle that is trapped inside of the garage. That is why we are available 24-hour a day, 7 days a week!

If, on the other hand, your door is stubbornly staying open, we can address that issue as well. Sometimes garage doors begin to close, but then reverse. Many homeowners do not want to leave their house exposed to potential burglars with access to their home through the garage. Contact us right away to get your door closing completely and back in working order.

If you hear any scraping, squeaking, popping, or banging noises, do not attempt to resolve the garage door issue on your own. Attempting to personally resolve an emergency garage door issue could result in further damaging your door or even worse, personal injury. Our professionals are fully trained and knowledgeable in handling garage door issues. We can quickly identify issue and have your garage door back in working order.

We know that your time is valuable and that is why our technicians are available around the clock. You can feel confident that Overhead Door™ is only a call away, even on nights and weekends. Emergencies don’t follow a convenient time table, and they often happen at unexpected and inconvenient times. We always arrive to your home with our fully stocked work trucks and are completely prepared to diagnose and fix any garage door issue. From frayed cables to broken springs, we have seen it all. We will have your garage door system running smoothly again in no time at all. Garage doors open and shut without issue many, many times a day, week, month, and year. We are here for those unexpected times when issues arise. Contact us for all of your emergency garage door service needs!

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Our repair services are available 24/7/365!

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