Destiny® 1200 Belt/Chain Drive

Wifi enabled, powerful, quick, and convenient with smooth and whisper quiet operation. Available in belt and chain drive.

The Destiny® 1200 series’ quiet performance makes it practically silent, perfect for use in residential homes. This series includes features to enhance security in a customer’s home, including the DoorDetect™ monitoring system and the bright light motion detection system. Also, integrated OHD Anywhere® allows homeowners to monitor their door from anywhere in the world with their smartphone!


  • Available in Belt and Chain Drive 15 year limited belt warranty, 5 year limited chain warranty.
  • DC Power Provides a quiet yet powerful 140V DC motor. Opening speed: up to 9.0 in/second.
  • Quiet Operation The quiet and smooth operation of this opener makes it ideal when rooms are adjacent to the garage.
  • CodeDodger®2 Access Security System The advanced technology prevents piracy of the radio signal by selecting a new code from billions of combinations.
  • Two-Bulb Lighting System w/ Motion Detection Two 100 Watt bulbs activate when motion is sensed allowing for greater convenience and security.
  • Integrated OHD Anywhere® Monitor your door from anywhere in the world with wifi and smart phone control capabilities!
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