Garage Door Replacement Increases Curb Appeal

Many home owners make the mistake of investing in home improvements that have a bad return on investment, or ROI. Real estate markets across the country are cut-throat and competitive, and therefore the wrong investment in home improvement can be especially costly. Research done on the cost of improvements versus their value for the last three years by the magazine Remodeling has shown that 80% of successful ROI projects are improvements made to the exterior of the home.

Enhancing outdoor appearance, or “curb appeal” creates a better first impression with buyers, who are then more likely to view the interior of the home in a more positive light. The garage door is front-and-center of a home’s curb appeal, and so replacing that door is the best way to make a dramatic improvement in that positive impression.

Replacement of an older garage door is one of the outdoor curb appeal projects that are most likely to have good ROI. Doors in both mid-price ranges and high-price ranges showed positive ROI in the Remodeling study. Garage door replacement or upgrade is a home improvement project that can be accomplished for a relatively low price, and produce big bang for the buck due to its impact on the impression of the exterior of the home.

Replacing an old garage door with a medium-range garage door has one of the highest rate of returns across all remodeling projects, according to the cost versus value study.

Overhead Door™ has developed its DoorView web design tool to allow homeowners to experiment with design, color, and impact on curb appeal from the comfort of home. Without traveling to a showroom, homeowners can find the perfect door to compliment the curb appeal as well as the budget. To begin working with this user-friendly tool, you can upload a photo of the exterior of the home and “try on” new garage doors for the best impact on your home’s exterior look. The right garage door can make a house stand out from the others around it, and can make the difference in which home in its area is sold in this tough market.