June is Garage Door Safety Month

June is officially Garage Door Safety Month. With support from industry leaders, including installers and manufacturers, the focus is on maintenance and awareness that garages are now the most-used point of entry. They are large, move with force, and can be a hazard if not cared for properly.

Summer is also the time when garages receive the most attention. With yard work, gardening and a host of family activities, the garage door does truly receive a workout. While today’s models are safer than ever, it is still important to know which parts to inspect and to understand the dangers that lurk every time a remote control activates the door.

Ten safety standards are on the list during this widespread promotion. The first points revolve around children. They should never be allowed to handle a remote and should not treat the door area as play space. Next, make monthly inspections of all moving parts and check the reverse mechanism. If anything seems out of place, consult a professional to make proper garage door repairs.

A few simple inspection steps, along with minimal precautions, will keep garage doors working longer while providing a layer of protection from thefts. If you are in need of garage door repairs, contact Mid-Atlantic Door Group for a thorough garage door inspection.