As a building owner of any kind, it is required by law for your building or facility to abide by National Fire Protection Association standards when it comes to fire doors in your property. Doing so can be a hassle, but at the Mid-Atlantic Door Group, we strive to provide the most compliant standard of fire door inspections and installations, in the most hassle-free way.

Our services include the standard ‘Drop Test‘ that is needed to provide the utmost compliance with NFPA regulations. In doing so, we provide a thorough 8-point inspection of every fire door in your facility. Note that any fire door that does not pass a initial inspection, must be replaced.

So before we conduct a ‘Drop Test’ we provide a thorough visual and operational inspection of all fire doors in your building or facility, to insure the safety of you and all who inhabit or work in your building or facility in the case of a fire.

After both of these inspections are conducted properly, we provide a written Fire Door Inspection Report, along with certification tags for all of your fire doors. Note that we do keep a copy of your report on file in case of an emergency or additional compliance questions.

With over forty years experience of fire door industry work and being recognized as the nation’s leading distributor of fire door products and inspections, you can guarantee that the quality of safety in your building or facility is top notch. And with 24/7 availability, you can rest assured that all your needs will be met.

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