Common Problems with Garage Doors During the Winter

Your entire home can be affected by the frigid temperatures, snow and ice that come with a typical winter season. It’s smart to keep up with the elements by doing proper weatherproofing — such as using protective exterior paint, sealing cracks and checking for water damage. Many homeowners focus on these tasks while inadvertently neglecting their garage door, which is one of the most hardworking conveniences in the house. You can avoid pricey garage door repair services by recognizing some of the more common problems that can cause damage during the winter months.

Improper Lubrication

Cold weather has an effect on the metal parts of your garage door, which may result in the door becoming stuck when it when it is being raised or lowered. Therefore, it’s important to use a good quality lubricant on the track, rollers, hinges and other moving parts to help keep the door running smoothly.

Damaged Weather Stripping

When water freezes near a closed garage door, it can cause the weather stripping to stick to the ground. Then, as you raise the door, the strip peels and you lose the proper sealing that insulates the garage’s interior. Brush away snow and puddles often to prevent the weather stripping from becoming damaged.

Dirty Garage Door Opener Sensors

Sand and salt are often used to treat icy roads, and much of this winter sludge is brought into your garage on your car’s tires. The grime can eat away at the electronics of your garage door opener, often requiring repair. It also can cause an issue when the dirt blocks the photo eyes that sense obstructions, such as a person. If your garage door will not close, be sure the photo eyes on either side of the door are clean and clear.

These are just a few of the frequent issues that can arise with your garage door during the cold temperatures and foul weather of winter. Awareness of the red flags is important, whether they serve as a reminder to undertake preventative maintenance or force you to contact a qualified garage door repair expert.