DID YOU KNOW? All of our technicians are employees of Overhead Door. We never use subcontractors!

DID YOU KNOW? All of our technicians are employees of Overhead Door. We never use subcontractors!

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10 Tips for Keeping a Garage Door Secure

There are many reasons why it’s important to keep a garage door secure. For instance, aside from their cars, many people store valuable items in their garages. Lawn equipment, tools, bicycles, and motorcycles are just a few examples. Having a secure garage door means these possessions are safe from thieves. Also, part of the responsibility of having a garage door is making sure kids are kept safe while the door is in operation. The following are ten tips for keeping a garage door secure and kids safe from garage door- related injuries.

Purchase a Locking Garage Door
Getting a garage door that locks gives an owner extra peace of mind concerning his or her property. Some garage door locks can be opened with a traditional key while others operate via a keypad. Some people even have alarms that go off if someone tries to open the locked garage without using a key. Just seeing a lock on a garage door may deter some thieves from attempting to break into a garage. Here are some options homeowners may consider:

  • Have a lock installed on the garage door.
  • Purchase a new garage door that comes with a security system.
  • Install sensors around the garage door that cause a light to go on if someone approaches the door.

Keep the Garage Door Remote Secure in the Car
For convenience sake, lots of people keep their garage door remotes on the sun visor in their car or even on the passenger seat. One helpful security tip is to keep the remote locked in the glove compartment. A thief only has to do a little footwork to find out where a person lives and what car he or she drives. A garage door remote control left out on a car seat gives a thief an easy opportunity to get access to the person’s garage. Some other suggestions are:

  • Hide it in the car’s console
  • Place it beneath the driver seat of the car.
  • A homeowner can carry it in with him or her.

Purchase a Durable Garage Door
Today, garage doors are made of many quality materials. The most secure garage doors are the ones with a sturdy construction. They can stand up to thieves trying to cut or break their way into them. Some examples of durable materials for garage doors include:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Wood

Make Sure the Area Around a Garage Door is Well-Lit
A collection of lights around a garage door serve both a decorative and practical purpose. Of course, lights can showcase the attractive features of a well-designed garage door. Also, thieves will be less likely to approach a door if the entire area is lit up. Places for lights include:

  • Above the garage door
  • On the ground shining up onto the door

Buy a Garage Door With a Motion Sensor
This is a good tip for a family with young children. It’s very tempting for a kid to race to see if he or she can get beneath a garage door that’s coming down. This is an easy way for a kid to injure his or her head, back or neck. But, if a garage door has a motion sensor, it will sense the movement of a kid beneath it, stop, and start to move upward again. Motion sensors can also help prevent injury to:

  • Pets moving beneath the door
  • Cars that are parked too close to the door

Teach Kids the Purpose of the Garage Door
Another way to keep kids secure around a garage door and prevent the door from being damaged is to explain its purpose. It’s not for hanging on or racing or operating again and again for no reason. The door is a piece of equipment that keeps the items in the garage safe from thieves as well as the harsh weather elements. Some important things to point out to kids are:

  • A kid can get injured by a door that’s in operation.
  • A garage door isn’t made to support the weight of a kid who tries to hang on it.
  • Damage to a garage door is expensive to repair

Don’t Allow Young Kids to Operate the Garage Door
When a parent’s arms are full of groceries or other parcels, it may be simpler just to ask a young child to hit the button on the garage door. This can be a mistake. It’s best if kids don’t operate the garage door until they fully understand the importance of being safe around it.
Always Check Beneath the Door Before Operating It

This is a simple way to keep kids, pets and cars secure. Someone with a garage door without a motion sensor should certainly take this tip to heart.

Get Regular Maintenance Checks on a Garage Door
A garage door that’s checked out by a professional on a regular basis is less likely to malfunction and become unsafe for people and pets. A technician will check the door’s springs and wires among other parts. A well-maintained garage door:
Creates very little noise while in operation

  • Operates smoothly
  • Operates every time the button is pushed

Don’t Use a Garage Door That is Malfunctioning-Call a Professional for Help
Finally, in order to keep family members safe, a garage door shouldn’t be used if it’s very loud while in operation. Here are other signs of trouble:

  • A garage door that hesitates as it goes up or down
  • Loose wires or springs
  • A flashing overhead light

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