Importance of Winterizing Your Garage

Even if the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, your garage door is still working around the clock, keeping your belongings safe and secure. With winter on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to show it some appreciation by giving it a nice tune-up.

As with any part of your house, your garage door requires regular routine maintenance in order to keep it operating smoothly. The winter is the worst time to experience problems with your garage door, as the cold air, harsh winds and excessive precipitation are eager to enter your home. People who want to avoid the hassle of having to repair their garage door during the middle of a snowstorm will take preemptive action and call a professional. This way, they can make sure that everything is working properly and can replace any parts that have warning signs of imminent failure.

Chances of a garage door breakdown are much higher in colder temperatures. Snow and freezing rain can lead to rust build up on springs, tracks, brackets, rollers and screws. Strong winds combined with the cold temperature can also put additional pressure on your garage door opener.

Big Savings!

As with any preventive move, having a professional tune-up on your garage door before winter will save you money compared to having to replace major parts of your garage door system as a result from a serious malfunction. It can also save you the costs of any damage done to your car that gets stuck outside during the winter because your garage door refuses to open. A garage door that refuses to close can be even more costly as your belonging are at risk from theft and all of the hot air seeps out of your home. An open garage door can also be very dangerous to your family for obvious security reasons.

Proper maintenance on a garage door is not something you think about often, but it’s something you will kick yourself for not doing when it’s late at night at 20 degrees with a heavy snow storm on its way and you are struggling with a broken garage door system. Call Overhead Door Company™ today before your garage door gets stuck in the harsh winter weather!