Garage Door Safety Tips

A garage is a great place to keep your car so that it’s protected from the elements as well as from car theft. However, opening and closing a home garage door can be dangerous if certain safety precautions aren’t taken. Following several tips should keep you and your loved ones safe when operating a garage door.

Keep Children Away: One of the most common safety concerns comes when children are either playing with a garage door opener or near the garage door when it’s opening or closing. Even though it may resemble a toy and many children may find it amusing to press the button, you should keep the garage door opener away from children at all times. You should also make sure they are not playing near the garage door when opening and closing it. Otherwise, serious bodily harm could occur.

Don’t Enter or Exit While the Door is in Motion: Many times, people will try to quickly run underneath a moving garage door to enter or exit a garage. While it may be convenient, it’s extremely dangerous and should always be avoided.

Watch the Garage Door when Being Opened or Closed: To prevent injuries, it’s ideal to watch the garage door the whole time until motion has completed stopped. This way you can press the garage door opener button to stop it in case a child, animal or other obstacle happens to go underneath it.

Don’t Leave the Garage Door Partially Open: To optimize safety, your garage door should be either completely opened or closed at all times. Not only can a partially open garage door be an invitation for intruders, it can also fall down at any time and do damage to a person or to the door itself.

Periodically Inspect the Garage Door: Like many other things with moving parts, the functioning of a garage door needs to be checked from time to time. For example, you should check the cables, pulleys and springs to make sure that they aren’t worn down and that they are working properly.