NOW OPEN! Overhead Door Company of Fredericksburg™ - Proudly servicing Fredericksburg, VA.

NOW OPEN! Overhead Door Company of Fredericksburg™ - Proudly servicing Fredericksburg, VA.

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Should You Attempt a Garage Door Repair Yourself?

When your garage door opener stops working, there are a few simple things to check before calling in a professional.

  • If the door does not close all of the way or continually returns to open, make sure there is nothing blocking the safety sensors. The sensors are located about 6 inches off the ground on either side of the garage door.
  • Check to see if the circuit breaker has been tripped. Your garage door opener can’t work without electricity and a tripped circuit breaker is sometimes the problem.
  • Make sure the garage door isn’t locked. A garage door that has been manually locked will not open when you try to use the electric garage door opener.

If none of these simple solutions solves your problem, look to see if the door has come off of the tracks. Part of the track system may have become bent or something could be stuck in the track. Next, inspect the garage door opener chain or belt. The chain or belt might be broken.

See if you are able to move the garage door up and down easily manually. If the door feels heavy, its possible that you have a broken spring. This repair should only be performed by a trained professional with the proper tools and training.

If the track is clear, the sensors are free from anything blocking them and the circuit breaker is reset, and the chain or belt are not broken, it might be time to call in a professional. If the motor has gone bad and needs replacement, Overhead Door™ will be able to make the repairs in a timely fashion.

It’s always a good idea to check for the simple things before calling a professional. As you assess the situation, look for the easier fixes first to avoid unnecessary repair costs.

About The Author | Justin White

Justin White is the VP of Marketing for Mid-Atlantic Door Group, Inc. The company opened in 1973 and now consists of (3) official Overhead Door™ Distributors and (8) warehouse locations throughout Maryland, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Justin was born into the door industry, ultimately following in his father's footsteps and joining the family owned business in 2011. After spending time in the field with fellow mechanics, Justin found his niche in marketing, along with a specialty in residential garage door sales, installation, and service.