Types of Garage Door Designs

For most homeowners, adding a garage to the home is another opportunity to create a style that stands out. There are traditional garage door designs, such as the carriage house design, and a wide variety of contemporary styles to choose for your garage. Even the materials, windows, and color choices can help you to create your own style, and they will give your home character.

Carriage-House Style
Traditionally, carriage house garage door designs have always been the most popular. The heavy doors that swing to the side gave it that carriage-house look. In homes that have been restored to their original grandeur, this is a style that you cannot go wrong on. Of course, for a more updated and modern design, you can simply customize them, by choosing a different color, overlay, or windows, to create your own unique look.

Modern/Contemporary Style
If your home is more modern or contemporary, you need to match the architecture by adding a modern garage-door design. The key to a successful design is to choose the right materials for the door and not be afraid to take chances. Some of the most stylish doors are those that use a combination of materials, such as the combination of copper and steel and wood.

Raised Door-Panel Style
Raised door panels are also a popular choice for modern homeowners. If you drive down any neighborhood street, you will be guaranteed to see several garages with this style. What you may not know is that you can actually customize this style to make it your own, including choosing colors that will match the exterior of your home.

If you are planning to add a garage to your home or giving your old garage a much needed update, take some time to look through the wide variety of garage door designs. If you do not find one that jumps out as being the right one, take some chances and customize one to make it the perfect addition to your home.