DID YOU KNOW? All of our technicians are employees of Overhead Door. We never use subcontractors!

DID YOU KNOW? All of our technicians are employees of Overhead Door. We never use subcontractors!

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Alternative Garage Use Ideas: Building a Garage Art Studio

Setting up a garage art studio is a great way to revamp a space and stoke your creativity without needing to leave home. This project allows for flexibility when it comes to budget and is ultimately up to the homeowner’s tastes and requirements.

art supplies

Keep in mind these three factors as you begin planning and buying the necessary materials.

Your Aspirations

Before you begin converting your garage into a studio, start by answering these questions that’ll inform your project plan:

  • What do you want out of your new art studio?
  • What type of art are you looking to create and how does this impact your interior design choices?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are there any climate issues I need to account for?

Your Garage’s Current State

You’ve established some parameters for your project. Now it’s time to take inventory of your garage’s existing flooring, lighting, overall size, and other characteristics. Focus on these items to make sure the final step, interior design, is done right and helps you avoid wasting money:


  • Does your existing flooring work with your art medium? For example, if you’re working with particular paints, you might need a floor that’s not porous and is easy to clean.
  • If it doesn’t work, consider some of these options outlined by the home design platform, Houzz.


  • Does the garage currently have storage that’ll work for your art supplies?
  • If not, what additional units or storage methods are needed?


  • What types of light are available and how much? Light bulbs? Natural?
  • What amount of additional light is needed?


  • Is your garage insulated well?
    • If you want to install additional insulation, check out this past article.
  • Does it have an existing HVAC system/unit installed?
  • Will you need additional heating or cooling to use the art studio year-round?


  • Is your garage door secure against break-ins?

Your Interior Design Tastes

With the planning and auditing behind you, it’s time to begin outfitting your space in this sequence:

Flooring and Walls

Whether or not you’re replacing your flooring, start by cleaning your garage’s floors with a power washer. For the walls, you can use a damp sponge and clean rag to clear away dust and get them ready for paint priming. After you’ve finished cleaning, paint your walls and place your new flooring that works with your medium of choice.


Install any new storage units that you require. You’ll likely want some shelves and cabinets to keep supplies safe from the climate. Also, labeling these areas will help your studio remain organized in the future and let you access materials easily.


If your garage has only been used for a car previously, putting up some additional lighting will be necessary. Track lighting and floor lamps work well with this type of space.


Explore portable or ductless HVAC units that will enable you to use the art studio all year round. Check out some of the top units in this HGTV article.


Consider investing in upgraded garage security features, such as better door locks or an upgraded door opener that can be monitored via a mobile app.


Outfit your new space with the required art supplies, furniture, and other interior design elements. Save yourself some money by acquiring items over time and buying used. Scan classified sites, such as Craigslist, Nextdoor, Facebook Marketplace, especially during the spring and summer.

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